4 Tips on Becoming Sales Successful Selling for Beginners

Greetings Success is always a sales friend. This time I want to discuss the tips of being a successful sales person for beginners. The tips that I shared this time were based on my personal experience when I became a salesman. Sales is very much related to marketing and the ultimate goal is sales.
In my opinion, successful and successful sales are sales that have a spartan spirit, aka hardiness, especially to the number of rejections so that he can build consumer confidence and finally succeed in making a lot of sales to over target.
Basically, everyone who works as a marketing or salesman would want him to succeed in making many sales transactions. But the reality of all that is not easy. Many new beginner salesmen have experienced many rejections for a while and switch to other professions because they can be mentally soft.

1. A Big Dream
You as a beginner sales must have strong and big dreams.
See the final results when you succeed later, imagine what you got?
In my experience, it started as a motorbike salesman, one of the beginner salesmen.
For four years, I had gone through a tough process and finally I was able to make lots of sales and have a high transaction rate, until my career became a supervisor.
At that time I had a lot of money and could make my parents and family proud.
From this experience, you can apply and instill enthusiasm and motivation in your heart and make power every time you experience obstacles and obstacles to becoming a successful novice salesman.
That sadness is definitely there because there is a lot of rejection in other words rejection is natural in the world of marketing, but try to keep smiling and don’t give up.
If it continues to be rejected, then you must always evaluate and improve what you just did.

2. Strong Confidence
Next is to have a strong and steady sense of self confidence.
How to convince other people to buy your product, if it turns out you alone are not sure, especially when offering a nervous look and hesitation.
It is undeniable that at the beginning, it was very natural.
The important thing is you want to practice, the way is by frequent routines you visit the shop or otlet, that way your confidence will be formed and can perform optimally in front of your customers.
How can you be confident?
One way is to master product knowledge.
By taking care of everything about the products that you market, of course you will feel confident and feel enjoy and convince the prospect of the buyer. Especially is highlighting the benefits of your product.

3. Convincing appearance
Besides understanding everything about the product, you must also look neat and nice to see.
Dress neatly and convincingly, if you need to use fragrance so you can be more confident. Learn to respect yourself so that others respect you too.
Don’t be shy to continue to practice in front of the mirror because this can make you more accustomed to offering goods. If there are still a lot of rejection, believe if you want to be a successful and reliable salesman, you must continue to hone your skills and try to re-evaluate what you need to improve when negotiating with other people.

4. Offer in your environment
As a first step, try offering products to family members and close friends.
Don’t be afraid of being ridiculed. Let’s just say the experience you made as a warm-up before marketing the product to people you don’t know.
If you often encounter a lot of rejection, it means that it is mandatory for you to meet more people you don’t know, and offer your products to all of them.
In my opinion, the initial sales for a salesman are important.
I am sure you will definitely be very happy with the first sale that you feel at that moment must be very valuable. But in my opinion it is a reminder, do not focus on the results to be achieved. because later you will unconsciously be forcing prospects or consumers to buy. The truth is that be a salesman who hears a lot about your prospect or consumer issues and then provides the right solution with the product you offer.