5 ways to become a reliable marketing person to sell

Basically the process of selling or buying is not something that is fully intellectual in nature. But in emotional terms and feelings that can understand consumers is also a skill that must be possessed. Reliable marketing is a salesman who is able to master emotions, feelings and the right steps in a business transaction process to consumers. So that it can produce success in selling to consumers.
Some of the things needed are explained here are important points needed by the salesman to be successful in selling. In this business tips we dissect even more about the criteria of salesmen who can control well from every business transaction that occurs. The following are the attitudes needed to become reliable marketing.

1. Assertive attitude or wise assertiveness
If you are a reliable marketing person with this nature, it will enable you to move the sales system forward and at the same time without offending or frustrating the customer. This character of firmness positions between passive and aggressive. For example, if you have a mind as a customer who is delaying a decision, there are at least three responses that are the basis:
a. Passive nature:
“Can you contact me when I have made a decision?”
b. Aggressive Properties:
“If you don’t buy at this time, then this best offer will end soon.”
c. Assertive Properties:
“Can you tell me when and when you can make a decision?”
If you have a passive response it will place it in an unclear position. So that it will open a gap for competitors to take the opportunity. Then if your aggressive response will put the consumer in a depressed position. Even though the consumer finally makes the decision to buy from you, then you will be impressed by the forceful seller. But if you have an assertive response, the situation is to close sales without coercion and consumers don’t feel rushed.

2. Self awareness
As a good reliable marketing person, you must already be able to identify emotions that occur within yourself, know how your emotions work, and be able to use emotions in yourself to help build a relationship to consumers more optimally.
To be an example in self-awareness, such as when you feel anger and resentment at customers who cancel your appointment. Then it is necessary to take time to rest first and recall your previous success with the customer, before making the next meeting with the next customer.

3. Having an empathy attitude
In terms of empathy this will cover every behavior you have towards the mood and emotions of the customer. This attitude can be started by listening as well as observing what the consumer might be feeling. So in that case you will feel what the customer is feeling. By having an attitude of empathy for what consumers feel, it will reduce unwanted things.

4. Providing the best solution to the problem
Having a desire to solve a problem will help you increase your sales. Because in that case you can learn and find new ways to satisfy consumers. Both financially and emotionally. Such as convincing consumers that you and the company have a good and reliable reputation. Like a few things below:
• Able to help consumers to visualize the desired situation.
• Design a solution that can move consumers to the things they want.
• Communicate solutions that can make consumers make decisions.
With some of these things will be able to direct consumers to make the best decisions. So it is very different from the techniques of the old-fashioned salesmen who prioritized sales without providing the best solution for consumers.

5. Optimism
Having an optimistic attitude will be very helpful in maintaining balance. Even though it is in a position that is not good. In communicating with consumers, optimism will be very useful. This attitude will give consumers more value to be able to take the decision to do business with you.