LG V30’s Design Philosophy May Have Been Shown Off By Leaked Cases

We already know about the release date of the upcoming LG V30. We also know that the device will be a performance powerhouse. Now, alleged cases of the device has been leaked which shows off the design philosophy of the V30, partially at least. Carrying the Ringke brand which is known for its "Military Grade Protection" of gadgets, the cases show off a significant part of the rear portion of the smartphone.

For starters, the lower portion of the phone's rear carries the V30 name, as you will see in the picture below. Also visible is the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. You can also see the horizontally mounted dual cameras located just above the fingerprint scanner. Next to the cameras is the LED Flash. This is where things get really interesting, for there are two additional sensors right under the LED Flash. One of them could perhaps be the Laser Autofocus, but we are not sure of that just yet.

LG V30 Design Leaked Case

The LG V30's rear cameras are also seen to be protruding, if only a bit. We can also see the volume control keys on the left-hand side of the device while the fingerprint scanner may also house the phone’s power/lock key. Given the leaked case and the fact that the LG V30 may likely come with a glass back, the final product is set to be a stunner.

Both these cases have been listed on MobileFun, and this is why we trust the source of information, leaked as it may be. It had earlier provided us with legitimate-looking cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well, which subsequent leaks have indicated. The listing includes a Rearth Ringke Fusion LG V30 case priced at $19.49.while the second one, a black Rearth Ringke Onyx LG V30 Tough Case, is retailing for the same price. Do you have any tips you want to share with us? Tell us below.

LG V30 Ditching Secondary Screen; Could Sport OLED Display

Unlike its predecessors, the LG V30 is not going to roll out with a secondary screen. Without any official confirmation, there are rumors that flagship device might arrive with OLED display and an aspect ratio of 18:9. As surprising as it sounds, LG is planning on ditching of one of the most defining features of the LG V lineup.

The information has been brought forth by an XDA’s trusted source that the LG is indeed thinking of bringing in OLED panels for its next flagship handset, the LG V30. The speculation falls in line with the previous rumors that led us to believe that an AMOLED display would be a great feature for the upcoming LG V30.

LG V30 Display Screen

We are not sure why LG is making the move but the inclusion of the 18:9 aspect ratio too is speculative in nature. The publication confirms that the sources are convinced that the handset will sport Snapdragon 835 SoC. This does not come as a surprise because it’s something that we have reported earlier but unlike what we heard that the chipset will arrive with 6 GB RAM support, XDA Developers has got information that there’ll be a 4 GB RAM along with 64 GB of internal memory that can be expanded using a microSD card.

Speaking of variants, it’s worth mentioning that the LG V30 is expected to roll out with three different variants. As per reports, the smartphone will have the following on offer - 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal memory and will also sport distinctive characteristics; we, of course, don't know what those are.

Besides these, some of the latest exciting rumors surrounding the LG V30 are its release date and price tag. Earlier we had discussed that the flagship will be rolling out ahead of schedule and that we can expect the handset to launch in August but later new rumors emerged point at the pointing at the month of September 2017. And as per reports, and speculations on our part, the LG V30 will come with a price tag of 800, 000 KRW which roughly translates into $700.

LG V30 is Expected to Come with Wireless Charging and Sport Glass Back

Few days ago we got to know about LG V30 release date as reports highlighted that the smartphone would get rolled out a day before the IFA event. Apart from that even the price of the upcoming device was disclosed as the device has been said to be priced at $700.

Users got more insight into LG V30 features when tech-leakster OnLeaks took to his Twitter handle to announce that the smartphone would sport a glass back and would come with wireless charging. Therefore, we can expect the upcoming LG V30 to sport a striking outlook and feature a great battery capacity.

LG V30 Features

If discussed more about the LG V30 features, then the device could get powered by the Snapdragon 835 SoC which would surely be a great. The RAM of the smartphone is also expected to be quite powerful as it might be of 6GB.

Reports have also suggested that the upcoming smartphone developed by the South Korean tech giant could feature an improved graphics card. And as far as the display of the LG V30 is concerned, it could sport a 5.7-inches screen which might look quite impressive. And talking about the resolution of the smartphone, it is expected to come up with a pixel of 2560 x 1440. The smartphone might also feature multi-touch display.

Sources have also mentioned that the device has higher possibilities of getting equipped with a rear mounted finger print scanner. The developers of LG have used this particular feature in their other devices as well due to which it might not seem to be that surprising.

The LG V30 smartphone is definitely going to be way more powerful than its predecessor (LG V20) which garnered great amount of positive reviews. We can also expect to get more idea into LG V30 features in the coming days as there are several reports and leaks regarding the device which keep emerging.

There might not be much time left for the LG V30 release date due to which users are quite excited to see the device getting unveiled. Therefore, the exhilaration level is elevating with each day.

LG V30 Release Date and Price Revealed

There were countless speculations which were doing the rounds regarding the release date of LG V30. And now it seems that the launch date of the smartphone has finally approached. It has been said that the upcoming device would be unveiled ahead of the IFA event this year which will be held in Berlin. And this news has certainly left users quite exhilarated.

Reports say that the LG V30 release date will be one day before the event. And the unveiling will take place on August 31. It has also been said that the upcoming device will go for a pre-order in South Korea and the LG V30 will be priced at 800, 000 KRW there which roughly translates to $700.

LG V30 Release Date

Sources recently gave some more insight into the smartphone as it has been highlighted that the LG V30 could be powered by Snapdragon 835 SoC. And on the other hand we can also expect an OLED panel to equip the smartphone which might make the outlook of the device quite attractive. It has also been said that the device might feature a 6GB RAM which seems to be extremely impressive.

People are also envisioning the LG V30 to come in three variants but nothing has been officially confirmed officially as of now. Reports have also highlighted about the display of the device and we can surmise the upcoming smartphone to come up with a IPS LCD display screen of 5.7-inches which may feature a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440. And as far as the camera specs of the LG V30 are concerned, the device could sports a dual lens rear camera setup. The front shooter of the device might be of 8MP while the back camera could be of 21MP and 8MP respectively.

The LG V30 is said to feature three color variants which includes Pink, Titan and Silver. Now that the announcement date of the upcoming smartphone developed by the South Korean tech company has already approached, the curiosity level of users has elevated more. Therefore, the LG V30 is certainly awaited.

LG V30 to Be Powered by Snapdragon 835 Chipset and 6 GB RAM

It seems that the South Korean technology company LG has a lot in store for its users this year. The features of LG G6 made the buyers quite excited and now the recent revelations of the upcoming LG V30 smartphone has made users more exhilarated.

Reports stated that the upcoming smartphone developed by LG will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset. And talking about the other LG V30 features, the device is also said to be equipped with an OLED panel and even the RAM seems to be quite impressive as it could be of 6GB. Therefore, the LG V30 could be one of the best smartphones of this year.

The new speculations regarding the LG V30 seem to be quite impressive due to which users are now impatiently waiting for the device to hit the technology world. And if at all the smartphone happens to feature an OLED panel, then it would be one of the biggest highlights of the LG V30.

LG V30 Features

Earlier sources stated that the upcoming smartphone by the South Korean tech company could be rolled out in 3 variants at IFA Berlin this year. But nothing has been confirmed as of now. Talking about the release date of the LG V30, it has been said that the device has possibilities of getting launched in August. And on the other hand, some sources also say that the smartphone could probably get a release date in September.

It seems that the users want the LG V30 to sport a better camera than its predecessors. The tech developers might even take this into note and grant their wish. But we need to wait until the launch of the smartphone to get an insight into the camera specifications of it. We can also expect the smartphone to sport a ceramic body which might make the outlook of the LG V30 quite striking.

The LG V30 smartphone is certainly going to be more powerful than the LG V20 which was announced last year. Therefore, even the expectations of the users are extremely high from the upcoming smartphone.

LG V30 Said to Release in 3 Variants at IFA Berlin 2017

If reports are to believed, LG's next big budget smartphone, the LG V30, will get a release, in no less than three variants, at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin in early September. A September release date is essential, given that one of the most intense competitors, the Apple iPhone 8, will also likely launch around the same time.

This major trade show is one of Germany's most important shows and traditionally kicks off every year on September 1. A report in Android Headlines may also have pointed to the fact that the new flagship V-device will also likely have a pre-IFA press conference in late August so that reviewers and tech enthusiasts can have a hands-on experience of how the new set will look and feel like.

LG V30 release date

The LG V30 release date has been under intense speculation. Some analysts and industry insiders had previously claimed that the new phone would go on sale from as early as August itself. Last year, the Seoul, South Korea-based giant had released the LG V20, one of the most endearing phones to have ever released. Users will recall that the LG V20 was announced in September before it hit the market in October. This year too, it is expected that the same schedule will stay suit.

So, how will the three variants be different? If sources are correct, the LG V30 will only have the main differences in the storage section. With slimmer bezels compared to the LG G6, the OLED display panel on the new LG V30 will have a splendid display. Also on board is the handy Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM. Storage options will include 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of internal flash memory, sources suggest. A price tag of around $700 will feature on the device.

An earlier -than-expected launch also indicates that LG is pretty serious about its new V-series of flagship smartphones. The LG G7 is also on the cards, with a possible release date sometime next January.

LG V30 May Be Released in August Ahead of Its Schedule, New Rumor Suggests

The LG V30 has joined the list of high-end smartphones that are being pushed ahead for an earlier than usual launch, new reports out of South Korea claim. While we know that release schedules are not always observed stringently, thanks to the growing changes in the tech industry, we are generally more accustomed to hear about delayed launches rather than earlier ones. This year, however, is about to see some radical changes with some notable launches being preponed.

One such example happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phablet line up launched its last entry back in August 2016, but the Note 8 was initially announced to have an October 2017 release date (due precaution on behalf of Samsung, thanks to the controversies surrounding the Note 7 that led to the untimely demise of the device). However, now that has been changed to August. While it is easy to think that the company may just want to do things the way they have done before, the real reason could be competition. And that is exactly what is thought to be the reason behind the preponement of the LG V30 release date.

LG V30 Release Date

In fact, the V30 is not the only device from LG that is being pushed ahead. The reports state that it has been joined by the LG G7 as well, which will apparently be launched in January 2018. As for the LG V30, August may not only be the month of its announcement, but it could also go on sale within the same month.

If the rumor is indeed true, then the reason behind it can be chalked up to the company’s intentions of beating the market and make some more money in the process. This year, LG had some notable commercial success as a result of Samsung’s delayed release of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. It may be safe to say that they are actively aiming for a similar move this time by planning the release of the LG V30 way ahead of the iPhone 8. The V20 was announced in September 2016, and that is the month that Apple usually releases a new iPhone every year. This year is said to see the release of the iPhone 8, which will celebrate ten years of existence of the iPhone.

So if the report is true, then LG may be trying to steer clear of the huge competition that lies ahead of them in 2017 with a couple of early launches. It now remains to be seen if the official word from the company confirms this.