How to Fix All CinemaBox App Not Working Issues Under One Minute

Unless you have been misinformed, we believe that you have been using the CinemaBox app. CinemaBox app is currently used by a great number of users all over the world. This does not mean, however, that the CinemaBox app is not without its ailments. There are certain reasons why the CinemaBox App not working issue crop up. We will try and solve it for you.

CinemaBox App Not Working: How to Fix Such Errors

In order to fix such errors like CinemaBox App not working, you will need to follow the following steps. The list of steps mentioned is not exhaustive as it is always being updated.

  • Update the time and date of your device. This is to ensure the fact that the time and date configuration on the servers and the local device are one and the same. It is also to ensure that your machine is able to reach out to any external servers.
  • In case you have the problem recurring, you might need to ensure that the exception has been made on the device’s firewall. To do so on a Windows PC, you must go to the Control Panel, then navigate to the Windows Firewall settings. Go to the Exceptions list and then click on both the boxes next to the CinemaBox app.
  • In case these two steps do not work for you, you might wish to uninstall the app which is on the device and then reinstall it using the same Apk file which had been used initially.
  • You can also uninstall the app and then reinstall it using a more updated version of the Apk file.

Wrap up

We do hope that the CinemaBox App not working will be solved using any or all of the steps that we mentioned above. It is also noteworthy that you can always ask us for more such suggestions.


How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

There are two different types of gamers, one segment of the gamers usually want a gaming device like a PlayStation and the other segment of gamer loves to play games on a computer. Today, almost every game is available for computers and Alienware computers have a really high configuration to ensure that the game runs smoothly. Owning a gaming mouse enhances the gaming experience as it makes it easy to navigate in the game and having many keys helps in eliminating the constant need for a keyboard. For example, while playing Hitman, you may need functions like reload, change of guns, firing the weapon, ducking and picking an item. It is not possible to assign a key to each of these function on a traditional mouse but if you have a gaming mouse then you can assign a key to each and every such function. Now, if you are planning to buy a gaming mouse then there are some factors which should be considered before making a final decision and we have listed all those factors in this article.

Illumination – This is just a physical feature which enhances the looks of the mouse. Most of the Gaming mouse comes with a lot of built in LED and some of the mouse also comes with customizable illumination. You can choose the illumination of the mouse before making a specific buying decision.

Weight and Attachable Weights – There are people who prefer a light weight mouse but there are people who want a mouse to be a little heavy as it helps them in controlling the player in a better way. There is also some mouse available which comes with detachable weights and you can modify the weight of mouse by attaching or detaching the weights.

Laser Sensor or Optical Sensor – There are two types of Sensors available in mouse, one of them is a laser sensor and the other one is anoptical sensor. You can choose any one of those depending on the sensitivity required.

Connectivity – You must consider the connectivity options while buying a mouse. Most of the gaming mouse in lower segment are available as wired mouse,however, if you want higher flexibility then you may choose for a wireless mouse. Again while choosing a wired mouse, you might want to buy a USB compatible mouse.

Buttons – This is another important factor that you would like to consider before making a purchase. On an average, a gaming mouse comes with about 5 to 6 buttons but the maximum number can be as high as 12 and some mouse also has customizable buttons which can again be of an advantage.

Price – If you are a price sensitive customer then you might have to choose between certain features but if theprice is no bar then you can get what you want easily. Before buying a mouse, always choose a price range so that you do not end up over spending on themouse.

If you consider all these factors before making a purchase of a gaming mouse then you will surely be able to get an amazing mouse for yourself which would help you in winning many battles on PC.

LG V30’s ‘Floating Bar’ Will Replace Secondary Display; LG V30 Plus Too on The Way

As the release date of the LG V30 draws nearer, we have been witness to a number of rumors and bona fide news pieces regarding the upcoming flagship of LG's 'V' series. The latest reports have confirmed two important issues: one, that a new 'Floating Bar' feature will replace the secondary display we saw on previous iterations, and second, that a new variant is one its way as well, called the LG V30 Plus. Of these two, we had earlier reported that the secondary display feature could receive a quiet burial soon.

Some details about the 'Floating Bar' have also trickled out, besides other LG V30 features. This bar will provide quick access to many features and will always be visible. In essence, it is very similar to Samsung’s Floating Toolbox last seen on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The new device will also have an Always On Display (AOD) capable of displaying shortcuts to features like Quick Tools, the Music Player or the Photos app. The clock will naturally be displayed. The Photos app has a new feature called "Graphy" which will enable users to add filters similar to the style used by famous photographers.

Other tweaks added to the new LG V30 include a new Voice Recognition feature which can be activated by a person's own vocal signature as well as repeating some self-generated keywords. The Qualcomm Aqstic voice UI technology will also ensure that the voice recognition feature does not drain the battery too fast.

LG V30 Plus is Coming Too

Meanwhile, a variant of the device is en route as well. The LG V30 Plus will essentially be a more premium variant of the LG V30. As of now, however, the LG V30 Plus will only be sold in LG's (and Samsung's) homeland: Korea. This will be a larger handset. Compared to the standard LG V30's 64GB of native storage, this more premium variant will boast of 128GB of native storage.

South Korea’s ET News has reported that the LG V30 Plus will support wireless charging, something that the regular V30 will miss out on. It will also carry a bigger screen, compared to the V30's 6-inch screen with 2880 x 1440 OLED display which measures 151.4 x 75.2 x 7.4mm. The price tag will be on the higher side as well: 1 million Korean Won, which translates to $875. On the other hand, the standard LG V30 will come for around 800,000 Korean Won which is roughly $700 or £540.

Other features of the device also include some high-end ones, including Bang and Olufsen audio and Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Both the LG V30 and the LG V30 Plus will come with more or less the same features, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, IP68 certified dust and water resistance, as well as a 3200mAh battery. We believe that the Plus version's design philosophy will be similar to the standard edition. Both the devices will be released in South Korea on September 15 on three different cellular carriers, just in time to face their greatest rival: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

LG V30 Leaked Rear Panel Confirms Previously Reported Features

Much has been said about the LG V30 so far, and now that the smartphone’s release date has already been set, a number of features leaks have been steadily coming our way. One of the most recent pieces of information that we had reported on was a rather telling case leak, which showed off some design details. The latest LG V30 news that we have got on our hands, adds upon the same.

LG V30 features

New images pertaining to the upcoming device show off what happens to be the back panel of the smartphone. While until now we have mostly been shown renders and concept images, the new picture appears to be real-life one. Also, it looks like this is not one of the LG V30 cases that had been leaked previously, but rather resembles the back of the device itself.

The image confirms some of the presences that had been previously predicted and confirmed (albeit dubiously) by several leaks. So one can see the cutouts meant for the smartphone’s horizontal dual-camera set up, along with the ones for the LED flash beside the unit, and the fingerprint sensor just below it. However, a few notable changes from the company’s earlier flagships can also be witnessed.

For instance, if you take a look at the LG V20, the smartphone’s rear panel carried the device’s full name near the bottom. But if the newly leaked image is anything to go by, then it seems that the only branding it will carry is the LG logo, giving the “LG V30” nomenclature a miss. The same logo that was placed at the bottom of the display in the LG V20 will instead finds its place at the rear.

Coming to the other features of the LG V30 that will mark a deviation from the last device in the series, the smartphone is said to bid adieu to the secondary display, and will instead opt for an OLED display. We will come to learn more about the handset when the LG V30 release date comes around, which is just ahead of the IFA Berlin event this year.