How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

There are two different types of gamers, one segment of the gamers usually want a gaming device like a PlayStation and the other segment of gamer loves to play games on a computer. Today, almost every game is available for computers and Alienware computers have a really high configuration to ensure that the game runs smoothly. Owning a gaming mouse enhances the gaming experience as it makes it easy to navigate in the game and having many keys helps in eliminating the constant need for a keyboard. For example, while playing Hitman, you may need functions like reload, change of guns, firing the weapon, ducking and picking an item. It is not possible to assign a key to each of these function on a traditional mouse but if you have a gaming mouse then you can assign a key to each and every such function. Now, if you are planning to buy a gaming mouse then there are some factors which should be considered before making a final decision and we have listed all those factors in this article.

Illumination – This is just a physical feature which enhances the looks of the mouse. Most of the Gaming mouse comes with a lot of built in LED and some of the mouse also comes with customizable illumination. You can choose the illumination of the mouse before making a specific buying decision.

Weight and Attachable Weights – There are people who prefer a light weight mouse but there are people who want a mouse to be a little heavy as it helps them in controlling the player in a better way. There is also some mouse available which comes with detachable weights and you can modify the weight of mouse by attaching or detaching the weights.

Laser Sensor or Optical Sensor – There are two types of Sensors available in mouse, one of them is a laser sensor and the other one is anoptical sensor. You can choose any one of those depending on the sensitivity required.

Connectivity – You must consider the connectivity options while buying a mouse. Most of the gaming mouse in lower segment are available as wired mouse,however, if you want higher flexibility then you may choose for a wireless mouse. Again while choosing a wired mouse, you might want to buy a USB compatible mouse.

Buttons – This is another important factor that you would like to consider before making a purchase. On an average, a gaming mouse comes with about 5 to 6 buttons but the maximum number can be as high as 12 and some mouse also has customizable buttons which can again be of an advantage.

Price – If you are a price sensitive customer then you might have to choose between certain features but if theprice is no bar then you can get what you want easily. Before buying a mouse, always choose a price range so that you do not end up over spending on themouse.

If you consider all these factors before making a purchase of a gaming mouse then you will surely be able to get an amazing mouse for yourself which would help you in winning many battles on PC.

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