LG V30 May Be Released in August Ahead of Its Schedule, New Rumor Suggests

The LG V30 has joined the list of high-end smartphones that are being pushed ahead for an earlier than usual launch, new reports out of South Korea claim. While we know that release schedules are not always observed stringently, thanks to the growing changes in the tech industry, we are generally more accustomed to hear about delayed launches rather than earlier ones. This year, however, is about to see some radical changes with some notable launches being preponed.

One such example happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phablet line up launched its last entry back in August 2016, but the Note 8 was initially announced to have an October 2017 release date (due precaution on behalf of Samsung, thanks to the controversies surrounding the Note 7 that led to the untimely demise of the device). However, now that has been changed to August. While it is easy to think that the company may just want to do things the way they have done before, the real reason could be competition. And that is exactly what is thought to be the reason behind the preponement of the LG V30 release date.

LG V30 Release Date

In fact, the V30 is not the only device from LG that is being pushed ahead. The reports state that it has been joined by the LG G7 as well, which will apparently be launched in January 2018. As for the LG V30, August may not only be the month of its announcement, but it could also go on sale within the same month.

If the rumor is indeed true, then the reason behind it can be chalked up to the company’s intentions of beating the market and make some more money in the process. This year, LG had some notable commercial success as a result of Samsung’s delayed release of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. It may be safe to say that they are actively aiming for a similar move this time by planning the release of the LG V30 way ahead of the iPhone 8. The V20 was announced in September 2016, and that is the month that Apple usually releases a new iPhone every year. This year is said to see the release of the iPhone 8, which will celebrate ten years of existence of the iPhone.

So if the report is true, then LG may be trying to steer clear of the huge competition that lies ahead of them in 2017 with a couple of early launches. It now remains to be seen if the official word from the company confirms this.

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