LG V30 to Be Powered by Snapdragon 835 Chipset and 6 GB RAM

It seems that the South Korean technology company LG has a lot in store for its users this year. The features of LG G6 made the buyers quite excited and now the recent revelations of the upcoming LG V30 smartphone has made users more exhilarated.

Reports stated that the upcoming smartphone developed by LG will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset. And talking about the other LG V30 features, the device is also said to be equipped with an OLED panel and even the RAM seems to be quite impressive as it could be of 6GB. Therefore, the LG V30 could be one of the best smartphones of this year.

The new speculations regarding the LG V30 seem to be quite impressive due to which users are now impatiently waiting for the device to hit the technology world. And if at all the smartphone happens to feature an OLED panel, then it would be one of the biggest highlights of the LG V30.

LG V30 Features

Earlier sources stated that the upcoming smartphone by the South Korean tech company could be rolled out in 3 variants at IFA Berlin this year. But nothing has been confirmed as of now. Talking about the release date of the LG V30, it has been said that the device has possibilities of getting launched in August. And on the other hand, some sources also say that the smartphone could probably get a release date in September.

It seems that the users want the LG V30 to sport a better camera than its predecessors. The tech developers might even take this into note and grant their wish. But we need to wait until the launch of the smartphone to get an insight into the camera specifications of it. We can also expect the smartphone to sport a ceramic body which might make the outlook of the LG V30 quite striking.

The LG V30 smartphone is certainly going to be more powerful than the LG V20 which was announced last year. Therefore, even the expectations of the users are extremely high from the upcoming smartphone.

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