LG V30 Release Date Confirmed; Device Surfaces in New Leaks

LG V30 Release Date: Almost nothing about the upcoming LG V30 smartphone has been kept a secret, thanks to the continuous inflow of leaks. Everything about the device in question, be it the camera, general outlook, and other features, have become a matter of public knowledge, and we only wait to find out if the final result tallies when the device ultimately hits the market. However, we now stand confirmed about how soon that might be.

The South Korean company has sent out launch invites to noted media publications to witness the follow up to LG V20 as it is launched. In doing the honor, LG has not played coy or tried to tease anything. The invite clearly carries the name LG V30, removing all doubts about the name of the device in question. More importantly, the teaser also confirms what has been rumored for a long time: the LG V30 release date is going to be August 31, as we had reported before based on the previous, more subtle invite.

LG V30 Release Date

However, there are more interesting things to note in the invite: it has a clear reference to the device’s camera, with a number of circular rings, reminiscent of a camera module, being figured largely in it. The words “ Lights. Camera. Action.” appear in the middle of the rings. Undoubtedly, then, the optics sections will be the feature to look out for in the LG V30.

We are not completely in the dark on that front, however, as a substantial number of leaks have addressed the LG V30’s camera module. The device is slated to come with a dual camera set up at the rear, positioned horizontally. More recent leaks have also suggested that the upcoming device will have the largest seen aperture on any smartphone yet at f/1.6.

While this last bit is yet unconfirmed, we already know exactly how the device will look, thanks to the flurry of photos that were leaked from LG’s testing program. Expect super thin bezels in front that put the LG G6 to shame, the aforementioned horizontal twin-camera module assisted by an LED flash, and a fingerprint scanner at the back. It looks similar to what previously leaked Olixar cases had shown. The only discrepancy is in the placement of the LG V30 logo at the back.

A bunch of LG V30 features have been rumored already, but we have to wait for the company to make it official. Overall, LG’s upcoming smartphone is something to look forward to as the company is clearly pushing itself hard in terms of design and technology.

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