LG V30 Release Date Rumor (Click to Reveal Right Now)

LG V30 Release Date: It has been quite a while that we have received news and updates from the world of technology regarding new smartphones that are scheduled to come out in the course of the year 2017. Among the popular ones that we have come across we have got smartphones from the house of LG as well. And one of those has been the LG V30 which is rumoured to be the successor of the moderately successful LG V20.

LG V30 Release Date

LG V30 Release Date

  • Now whenever news comes up regarding a new smartphone, one of the most important things that the tech enthusiasts take into consideration is the probable release date of the device. Speculations and rumours keep on coming up every now and then regarding the fact when the smartphone is going to be unveiled by its manufacturers. And taking a cue from that trend it can be said that there are lots of rumours regarding the probable LG V30 Release Date, most of those stating that the device is going to come out in the fall of the year 2017.

The release date of the upcoming device has already been confirmed. As had been predicted earlier, the LG V30 will be given its worldwide reveal and launch on August 31, 2017. The teaser for the upcoming device had hinted as much, and now that the pre-IFA event has been confirmed by the South Korean company, the proceedings have come to light. As for when the device will be made available in the markets, we imagine the V30 may go on sale sometime in September. You can watch the latest teaser video for the smartphone below.

LG V30 Release Date (Confirmed)

In fact, it has also come to light that the device will not be launched alone. There is a bigger, more efficient variant of the LG V30 on the cards. Not much is known about this new higher variant, dubbed the LG V30 Plus. But rumors suggest that there will be a more sophisticated audio system along with more storage. But expect all that to come at a heftier price tag. While the standard model is said to start retailing at $700, the V30 Plus will come for around $175 more.

However, what we are concerned with is the release date, and it appears that both the LG V30 and the V30 Plus will be launched on August 31.

What remains to be seen is the validity of these rumours regarding the release date of the LG V30. If we trace back and try to find out the release dates of the LG V20, we can observe a particular pattern regarding the unveiling of the smartphones in the V series by its manufacturer. LG unveiled their first smartphone in the V series, the LG V10 in the month of September in the year 2015. A month later, the smartphone was made available on the market for sale. LG followed it up with the second smartphone in the series a year later. In the month of September last year the consumers of LG for the first time came across the LG V20. They got the hands-on experience of the device within a few days of the release of the device.

Hence a conclusion can be derived from the above discussion that the smartphone making brand based out of Seoul in South Korea targets the last quarter of the year to release new editions of smartphones in the V series. And expectations are very high that there is not going to be any exception when LG unveils the latest version of the smartphone in the V series. So it can be stated that the LG V30 Release Date is going to be somewhere in the month of September in 2017.

​There is high chance that LG is going to choose IFA Berlin 2017 event for the launch of LG V30. IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) Berlin is the oldest and most reputed industrial exhibition of Germany. It draws tech and gadget experts from around the world. Known as ‘Europe’s biggest tech show,' IFA every year witnesses the launch of a variety of home appliances and consumer electronics. And LG is reportedly going to unveil its highly anticipated flagship here.

The multi-million dollar company has plans to launch LG V30 exactly one day before the event, as per latest updates. This is likely going to give more exposure to the device at the event. As IFA Berlin is slated to start from September 1, therefore August 31 seems to be the date when we will get to see the launch of the product.

Interestingly, Android O, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system is also speculated to get released in August 2017. This might mean that LG V30, which is likely to get a release on the last of August, is going to be one of the first smartphones to come with Android O.

This seems to have got further confirmation from another source that can’t possibly go wrong. Although the name LG V30 was never explicitly take, Google at their IO developers conference that took place just recently hinted some cool new features about the upcoming flagship. According to the tech giant, the LG V30, the Seoul-based company’s expected upcoming flagship, will come with support for Google’s Daydream VR. But that’s not all, they have also hinted that the smartphone will definitely come out before the end of 2017. And that tallies with our earlier assumptions about the LG V30’s release date. 

  • Tech followers across the world might be eager to know that whether there is going to be any change or not as far as LG’s trend is concerned. For them it can be stated that chances are minimal that LG is going to postpone the release of the LG V30. Hence for the time being it can be stated LG V30 is going to come out in the month of September. Even if there is a delay, it won’t be of more than one month which sets the month of October as for the release of LG V30. But chances are minimal that the release is going to be delayed beyond that.

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