LG V30 Specs and Features (Premium Indeed)

LG V30 Specs: The LG V20 was announced in September 2016 and was released a month later in October. The LG flagship went up against the likes of the Google Pixel XL, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7. It did fairly well and wowed many with its secondary display, located on the top of the screen and an always-on display. LG, however, is not one to gloat over its previous successes and is developing the LG V30. We will list the upcoming phone's specifications and feature here for your perusal. We must remind you before we begin that the specs and features that they may be subject to change prior to the phone's launch as it is solely at the manufacturer's discretion.

LG V30 Specs

LG V30 Specs

LG V30 Specs and Features

Processor and Graphics

The upcoming LG V30 is to be powered by the new and formidable octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, or System on Chip. The new chip uses the same Kryo CPU architecture that was found in the Snapdragon 82X, though with Kryo 280 and there will be 4 additional cores that focus on running efficiently on top of the 4 performance cores that are clocked up to 2.45GHz.  

The Adreno 540 GPU is billeted by manufacturer Qualcomm as offering 40% improvement on graphics performance, power usage as well as computing capability.

  • By contrast, the other more efficient cores will be clocked at up to 1.9GHz. In addition, the 835 is about 35% smaller in size and consumes 25% less power which translates to better battery life.
  • The SoC is remarkably resulting in extremely efficient multi-tasking when compared to standard dual core processors. The GPU or the Graphics Processing Unit is the Adreno 540, which traditionally accompanied the SD 321, as the Qualcomm SoC is often known as.
  • The Qualcomm Adreno 540 is a separate graphics processor solely intended to ensure that better graphics are put out while maintaining energy conservation standards.
  • The CPU has being designed on the Harvard architecture platform and has better data cache retention capability when compared to many other SoC architecture platforms. DirectX 11.1 is also supported on the new GPU.

Storage, RAM and Software

The LG V30 will go up against some of the giants of the smartphone industry when it releases later this year. In order to stick around, the V30 is said to have two variants to ensure better choice options for consumers. The two variations will see one model launching with 4GB of RAM while the other will boast of 6GB of RAM. 

  • The latter variant propels the smartphone well and truly into the flagship category. Internal storage options are 64GB and 128GB, very respectable specs. A microSD card slot will ensure that the V30's internal or storage memory can be expanded up to 256GB. The internal storage space has to be brought up as more and more apps become available and the users have to ensure that they do not get left behind. The V30 will run on the Android Nougat 7.0.

LG V30 Display

LG V30 is certainly one of the popular ones which are currently waiting to be launched and hence there is no lack of speculations regarding how the smartphone is going to shape up. And you might have already got an idea of that. But the latest news which has come out hints at the fact that the upcoming flagship handset from LG will give up one of its characteristic features – the secondary display.

It is assumed that LG is going to bring in OLED panels in the V30 to make it worthy of competing with all the other leading smartphone developers across the world who are packing their devices with this high-end display panel. And also the implementation of the OLED panels will facilitate the developers to bring in the 18:9 aspect ratio of the display which is also one of the striking features of the LG G6 which the South Korean brand had launched earlier this year. However, a confirmation on this aspect is yet to come in. Hence, we need to wait.


The LG V30 will have an excellent dual-lens rear camera setup with 21MP wide-angle and 8MP sensors designed and manufactured by Sony while the front snapper is 8MP, also made by Sony. The rear camera can shoot hi-res photos and videos including 2160p videos at 30fps. Dual LED Flash flash on the rear camera will ensure better photography. Geotagging, Digital Autofocus, Optical Image Stabilisation and other assorted features will ensure that selfie lovers and other users can make use of the various photography tricks and tips available.


The LG V30 will have a powerful 3500mAh Lithium Ion battery which will be non-removable. LG has looked to play safe here as many users have complained about the non-removable batteries on many handsets. Thanks in large part to the Snapdragon 835 chipset set to power this device, the battery can be charged up to 80% while being plugged in for only 30 minutes. Such a battery will also enable the LG V30 to take on the other giants of the business and beat them at their own game.

​The additional feature related to the battery that is bound to grab the attention of the users is the fact that wireless charging might eventually make an appearance in this particular LG smartphone. A number of leading smartphone manufacturers have opted for such a technology in their devices and if we go by the latest updates, LG V30 will also sport the wireless charging facility. In fact leakster OnLeaks has revealed the same in the official Twitter handle. Along with that an image released by Slash Leaks has revealed that there is an inner coil in the smartphone which not only hints at the fact that the smartphone will have an irremovable battery which will have wireless charging facility as well.We expect an announcement in relation to this at some point of time in August this year, as we have already come across the updates that LG V30 release date has been preponed marginally.

LG V30 Design

The LG V30 will be beautifully executed and will have a military-grade robust build made of Silicon polycarbonate. The form factor will include a removable aluminum back panel that yields a smooth look and feel very similar to the Sony Xperia X. LG will once again combine the fingerprint sensor and power button into one. This two-in-one functionality will ensure that the new button is as versatile as it gets while still retaining its individuality. The phone will be lighter than the 177 grams the LG V20 weighs. Thanks to the non-removable battery and the upgraded SoC, the new phone will be slimmer and more dignified.

Other Features

The LG V30 will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack. Bluetooth 4.2 and the inclusion of the USB Type-C port will also make its connectivity options multifaceted. GPS, radio, fingerprint sensors, accelerometer, a gyroscope, proximity sensor and a compass round up the LG V30. The colour options include Titan, Silver and Pink. We expect an announcement sometime in August this year, bearing in mind the 12-month product lifecycle.


  1. First things first, the features I don’t like… I don’t understand why companies insist on using IPS LCD when AMOLED panels are better and cheaper. Makes no sense. 513 resolution is sub-par. Next, 86ing the secondary display. Why? LG was the trailblazer with this feature and it works well. Could’ve been developed further but instead gets the axe. Note the things I do like.. SD835 is a must, well done. That will give the phone great battery efficiency making the V30 last into the next day. 3.5mm headphone jack, yes! Another head scratcher, why OEMs insist on getting rid of the HP jack is beyond me me. I know Bluetooth tech is advancing but if you aren’t offering bt 5.0 then don’t lose the 3.5 jack. Type C might be the future but it’s so easy to include a 3.5mm jack, it’s tiny.. courage my ass. Anyway, sounds like a good device but it’ll be hard to best the Galaxy S8 if V30 is in that price range. The G6 is also an awesome device, other than the SoC I don’t see why anyone would pay more for the V30. Need to shake things up with a bonus feature (secondary display should’ve been a given).. Maybe the audio will be amazing… We’ll see.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Not for me. I do love the removable batteries. I do not want to carry around a large 20,000 mah portable battery.

  3. Would prefer a removable battery any day.

  4. Joseph Schmo says:

    If keeping a removable battery is in any way possible and still keep it IP68 it would be a mistake by LG not to have one. Their customer base (myself included) has stayed with LG to this point because they HAVE a removable battery. Not having one will equate them to the S8 or iPhone at best., good company but i am not going to purchase those phones either!They need something to stand them apart from the competition. The problem with all these flagships are they all do the exact same thing, none of them stand apart and cameras on smartphone are only, can only be so good, its a phone with a camera not a camera with a phone. Big difference between the two!
    Audio quality has not been mentioned here, for me its a big deal, my next phone is going to have decent sounding speakers. I’m an audiophile! The quality of music is important to me and i fully understand i am not going to get audiophile sound from a smart phone. With the exception of a very few phone’s SQ has been a joke, the”friend” approach is a joke too and not a proven best seller for those who have tried it. Please figure a way to put two speakers in a smart phone that sound at least as good as a cheap 40 year old transistor radio!

  5. Joseph Schmo says:

    I forgot something in my last post. Please don’t let HTC be the only people to put Sapphire glass on a smart phone, y’all charge to much for these phones as is so at least make them durable and using sapphire goes a long way in the right direction. With the exception of one company on one limited edition phone no else is doing it. Do it and do it with your flagship phone, truly make it a FLAGSHIP device!

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