LG V30 Wishlist (Features This Premium Device Shouldn’t Miss)

LG V30 Wishlist: LG launched the coveted V series back in 2015, and the second instalment of this series, the LG V20 has received a massive response from the fans for the incredible specs and features the handset offer. The V20 is the first smartphone to come with the latest Android Nougat OS and the dual-camera setup of the device with a gigantic 5.7-inch screen has attracted the tech enthusiasts as well as the tech pundits. Now after the grand success of the V20, the Korean company is all set to launch the next iteration of the series, the LG V30. We have already discussed on the probable features and specs of the upcoming LG V30 along with the release date and the price, in our previous articles. So in this guide, we have shed some lights on what fans are expecting from this forthcoming technological beast and made a LG V30 wishlist of the desired features.

LG V30 Wishlist Features (Things We Must See in It)

1> Better Front Camera

Although the LG V20 comes with a dual-sensor rear camera and that's too of 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel, the front camera of the handset is not at all up to the mark. The front shooter of the LG V20 is only of 5-megapixel and many users have complained about the picture quality taken by the secondary snapper. So we hope the Korean tech conglomerate will retain the 120-degree wide-angle setup and a narrower 83-degree frame for the front camera but will upgrade the pixel quality so that the images don't look washed out and flat.

LG V30 Wishlist

LG V30 Wishlist

2> Water & Dust Resistant

Almost all the high-end smartphones of all the premium smartphone making companies are either IP67 or IP68 certified. This certification indicates that those handsets are dustproof as well as water resistant for more than over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes. But the LG V20 is neither IP67 certified nor Ip68 certified and that makes the expensive handset vulnerable to water and dust. So we would be more than happy if the LG V30 comes with the IP68 certification.

3> Ceramic Body

LG is known for the experiments, be it making the battery removable or unveiling the handset with different modules. So we would like to see the LG V30 to come with a ceramic body so that the handset gets more premium look. Apple has already started planning to incorporate zirconia ceramic in the forthcoming iPhone 7S or 8. The biggest advantages of using zirconia ceramic is it betters the strength of the phone, improves the radio transparency and the heat conduction, makes the phone scratch resistant and most importantly ease the manufacturing labour. So we would be more than happy if LG launches the V30 with ceramic body and surprises us.

4> Iris Scanner & Front Mounted Fingerprint Scanner

All the top notch smartphone makers are giving stress on including the biometric security feature on their coveted handsets. Although the LG V20 includes a fingerprint sensor, that is not enough, considering the fact the how much technology has advanced these days. So we hope LG will put in the Iris Scanner or the facial recognition feature in the LG V30 to make the phone more secure.

Moreover, the fingerprint sensor present in the LG V20 is placed on the rear side of the phone. The problem of placing the sensor at the rear side is every time you want to unlock the handset you have to take the phone on your palm first. So to get rid of this trouble, we want the fingerprint scanner to place on the front side of the device.

5> OLED Display

We have zero complaints regarding the display quality of the LG V20. The 5.7-inch IPS LCD screen with 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution and 577 ppi pixel density is a treat for the eyes. But it could have been better. Samsung has introduced the OLED display technique in their flagship devices, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and there is no doubt that the OLED display far better than the IPS LCD capacitive screen, in terms of both clarity and resolution. So we hope that LG would launch the upcoming V30 handset with OLED display to make the phone more lucrative.

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