LG V30’s Design Philosophy May Have Been Shown Off By Leaked Cases

We already know about the release date of the upcoming LG V30. We also know that the device will be a performance powerhouse. Now, alleged cases of the device has been leaked which shows off the design philosophy of the V30, partially at least. Carrying the Ringke brand which is known for its "Military Grade Protection" of gadgets, the cases show off a significant part of the rear portion of the smartphone.

For starters, the lower portion of the phone's rear carries the V30 name, as you will see in the picture below. Also visible is the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. You can also see the horizontally mounted dual cameras located just above the fingerprint scanner. Next to the cameras is the LED Flash. This is where things get really interesting, for there are two additional sensors right under the LED Flash. One of them could perhaps be the Laser Autofocus, but we are not sure of that just yet.

LG V30 Design Leaked Case

The LG V30's rear cameras are also seen to be protruding, if only a bit. We can also see the volume control keys on the left-hand side of the device while the fingerprint scanner may also house the phone’s power/lock key. Given the leaked case and the fact that the LG V30 may likely come with a glass back, the final product is set to be a stunner.

Both these cases have been listed on MobileFun, and this is why we trust the source of information, leaked as it may be. It had earlier provided us with legitimate-looking cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well, which subsequent leaks have indicated. The listing includes a Rearth Ringke Fusion LG V30 case priced at $19.49.while the second one, a black Rearth Ringke Onyx LG V30 Tough Case, is retailing for the same price. Do you have any tips you want to share with us? Tell us below.

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